The Presidential Election and Abortion

For the Christian, abortion must be a leading topic that is addressed in the presidential discussion.  No matter which candidate one votes for, I am convinced that all Christians are concerned about the sanctity of life. As a result of our passion for life, it is easy to dig our heels in the ground politically and come out fighting on this topic, never considering the legitimate questions raised by the opposing viewpoint. So let’s begin with the questions.

The primary question the Christian Republican asks regarding abortion is, “How can we vote for someone who has no regard for human life? And would allow a mother to kill her baby?”

The primary question the Christian Democrat asks regarding abortion is, “How can we vote for someone who has no regard for human life? And limits life to simply birth with no concern for the quality of life after?”

Both are legitimate questions. From conception to death, life must be fought for. But the numbers are staggering. About 1.2 million abortions are performed each year in America. Thus, in a four year term of one US President, 4.8 million lives are taken before they even have a chance to fight for a quality life. This is larger than the population of Los Angeles (3.8 million), Chicago (2.8 million), Houston (2.1 million), or Atlanta (430,000).

Abortions are by far and large targeting the urban population, with most abortion centers (Planned Parenthood) in poor communities. Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions ( Has anyone ever asked the question, “Why?” At worst, there is a national eugenics movement following in the footsteps of Margaret Sanger. At best, there is the consensus that a child born to a poor family has less value than a child born to a rich family. That somehow the value of life is equal to the access of what wealth provides.

Have we forgotten that our Savior was conceived to a single, poor mother who was an outcast in her family and community? Can you imagine the shame this pregnancy brought on her? Can you imagine how difficult this pregnancy made her life? She would have been the perfect case for why women should have “choice”. Why bring this burden upon themselves and a forthcoming child? Yet, God brings promise in the midst of poverty. He brings salvation in the midst of shame. With God, the value of life is never found in a socio- economic bracket.

The argument has been made that the US President doesn’t determine whether abortions are legal or illegal. It is a US Supreme Court decision. True, abortion has been legal since 1973, while both Republicans & Democrats have served as presidents. Yet, the President elects Supreme Court judges, who decide on the legality of abortion. With the balance barely tipped on this issue, one judge can make a difference of 1.2 million lives annually.

In addition, does the fact that the President can/ or can’t determine the legality of abortion in America really make a difference? If 1.2 million handicapped people were murdered this year because they were a burden to society, would it affect our vote? What if they were 1.2 million Christians? Or 1.2 million African Americans? Or 1.2 million school aged children? Would we vote for a President that didn’t think the lives of a certain population were important? Is it simply because we don’t get to see, touch and hold a baby in the womb that we don’t deem her as an important life?

Should we be concerned with the poverty and cruelty a child could potentially be born into? My answer is a resounding yes! I will address the issues of poverty in a later blog post. But should we make the determination that the value of a life is somehow less because of the environment she would be born in? My answer is a resounding no!


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Servant of Jesus Christ. Husband of Heidi Dye. Elder at Legacy Fellowship. Mentorship Director at GRIP Outreach for Youth. Director of Legacy Conference.
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4 Responses to The Presidential Election and Abortion

  1. Neven Holland says:

    I find it hard to answer folks question regarding incest and rape in the best way possible that can be satisfying. Any abortion for any reason is wrong but explaining that is another thing. How would u answer?

  2. Mitch says:

    As a Christian American, this issue is not easy. The questions I’m wrestling through is this, if abortion was outlawed, would it end? My grandmother who was of age before roe v wade said many women got abortions in a dangerous manner, and in the end killed themselves. Does the death penalty deter murder? No, because the murder has no regard for life. The women getting the abortion also, does not believe this to be a life. Not everyone in the U.S. is a Christian, and not everyone in the U.S. believes life happens at conception. Until we establish life, there will be a divide. Ultimately abortion is not something that should be federally handled, since it is so hard to handle. We cannot dehumanize the issue.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Great thought provoking article!

  4. benlamb says:

    Good article.
    @Neven What other crime punishes a child for the sin of the father? I agree it seems heartless to the woman, but it does not change what the child is. Check out Scott Klusendorf’s answer to this question:

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